10 Tips for Summarizing

tips for summarizing onlineSummarizing is how people reduce the large selections to simple and important part – the gist. It is getting the main point and condensing it in a capsule of essential concepts. Many people find it hard to summarize simply because they cannot properly identify the main from the sub points. Sometimes they only need a few summarizing tips to help them begin their work.

If you think that you are one of these people, the following tips on summarizing online will make your work easier. For now, learn 10 summarizing tips that will make your life much easier!

Stick to these easy to follow 10 steps and your article-writing abilities will improve drastically.

1. Skim the article you want to write.  In skimming, you only read the book or article without taking notes. This will help you concentrate on what you’re reading.

2. In skimming, free your mind from any responsibility of checking any important details. Instead, you just think about the plot of the book.

3. Reread the book. Once you’re done skimming the book or article, read it again and start listing the important details.

4. Make sure that the basic questions such as who, what, when, where and how are answered. These questions will lead you to the gist of the article or book.

5. List also the important keywords in the article. The keywords will help you detect the important ideas. This is one of the basic tips for summarizing a story.

6. Do not write down everything. Sometimes you are stuck with the idea that almost all information is important until you realize that you already wrote everything.

7. Once you find yourself beating around the bush, go back to your important questions or keywords. You don’t need to make your summary long, remember that summary essay are really supposed to be shorter than the source, so go straight to the point.

8.  Keep the voice of the author. Among the tips on summarizing, this is the hardest. Most of the time, you unknowingly include opinions in your paper. Keep in mind that your summary should be accurate as possible.

9.  Outline your summary. This will help you keep the important events or ideas in your paper. The outline will be the mirror of your summary. Having an outline will help you stick to the important details.

10. Practice summarizing. Among the tips for summarizing online, nothing beats this one. You can only learn the art of summarizing if you will practice it.

Our Best Summarizing Tips

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