How to Write a Summary of an Article Related to Information Technology

Summarizing words, you must be having a hard time especially if you don’t know how to get started. The challenge magnifies if you’re writing a summary of an article related to information technology. IT is a complicated research area in which papers are written in a more complex manner due to a use of technical jargons and new words that you need to include in your paper.

Latest Technology in Computer Field Research Articles

A research paper has several elements, including an introduction that states the thesis or questions. It also investigates questions and not simply describing.  In the introduction, you also explain the phenomenon and incorporate statistical analysis, research design, observations, and data, among others. The paper also has a review of the literature, summarizing current studies related to the issue or topic. It also contains analysis and substantiation, presenting and developing the argument. Other parts include the conclusion and bibliography.

5 Most Popular IT Related Journals

There are networks and databases where to find articles or journals to write a summary for, and some of them are the following.

  • Inderscience: This is a dynamic and global independent publisher that has become a medium-sized company and that has been disseminating the latest about research across fields of engineering, science, and technology, business administration, public, ecological and sustainable development.
  • Emerald Publishing: The Company is founded in 1967, becoming one of the champions regarding ideas, which would advance practice and research of business and management. Now, it has almost 300 journals and over 2,500 books along with 1,500 teaching cases.
  • Asian Network for Scientific Information:  It is one of the leading publishers of medicine, science and technology in the Asia Pacific. It has been serving over 37 peer-reviewed journals, which have been covering disciplines to help researchers, scientist, and students all over the world.
  • OMICS Group: It publishes open access journals to help you look for articles and journals to write a summary for, and to date, it has more than 700 journals with more than 15,000,000 readers.  The website is getting over 25, 0000 readers, which the readership is more than 10 times higher than other journals online.
  • ISACA: The organization is a non-profit and global association.   It engages in the development of industry-leading practices and knowledge for IT.

summary of the article related to information technology

Why It’s Difficult to Summarize Article about Computer Technology

Knowing the best way to write a summary of an article can help you survive writing about a hard topic that includes computer technology. What makes a paper related to this topic is the use of new terms, jargons and complex words. It is also hard to write a summary for students who don’t know how to create the condensed version of the article. Additionally, some of them find it hard to write one because of the level of reading and understanding involved.  Check out the following for ways on how to write a summary of an article about computer technology.

Tips for IT Articles Summarizing

Summarizing big data is hard, but you can get by following the tips highlighted below. Check them out before writing your summary.

  • Don’t use personal pronouns including – I, my, we, your, our…
  • Stick with an objective tone. Remember you’re not writing a review, but you’re giving an overview of the paper written.
  • Define the research question. Discuss the focus of the study and its objectives.   This is the start of the summary where you also write the title of the paper and the author’s name.
  • Describe the main argument in your words. What is the author trying to prove in the research? Check out the introduction that usually provides readers with the background of the study or the experiment. Determine the main ideas from the introduction or abstract.
  • Discuss the methods used by the author or authors. This is the part to talk about the research tools and methods, but be able to condense and shorten it.
  • Talk about the results, one of the most important sections of the summary.  Discuss the conclusions of the author and the significance of the research.  Do not draw your conclusions, as the summary is not an editorial or review. It must not be your own interpretation of what you read – but it is a summary of it.

How We Can Write an Article Summary

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Follow these tips in writing complicated article summaries of computer-related research papers. Again, summarize each section of the paper and describe each of them.  Do not editorialize the copy and proofread your work prior to submission.

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