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Why would you need help to reword a story or an article? Sometimes the given text may turn up to be multiple pages of complicated material and by the time you’ve finished reading it, you’ve forgotten everything you’ve previously read and summarizing an article may seem like a mission impossible. Maybe you don’t understand the material well enough or you don’t have enough time on your hands. Or you think you know what the article is saying and maybe you even have a good idea of how to write a summary but you just want to double check. It never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes skim something for meaning. That’s where our online summary generator comes into play. With its help, you can auto summarize online any text and it will definitely help you to create professional summaries or just to rephrase a sentence online with a rephrasing sentences generator.

Writing an Article Summary Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

If you’re responsible for writing a summary of an article, don’t worry. We’ve got a reword generator that will help you get through this process and make writing your next summary much easier. We have a multi-talented professional team of writers who can help you to summarize your text for an affordable price. However, we understand that sometimes you just want a quick and easy solution and that is why we’ve created our online summarizing tool. When you visit our website, you’ll see the variety of choices that our summarizing service offers, you are welcomed to use our summary maker or request professional assistance from our writers.

Use Our Online Summarizer for Your Article

writing a summary of an article

Our article summarizer online is a great tool to get a summary quickly and effectively. It’s very easy to use and you can do it from any device and at any time. All you need to do is to paste the text of your article or provide a link to it and within a reasonable amount of time, you’ll have your article summarized. No need to visit the library and do mounds of research. No need to meet with anyone to gather more information. Our summary and conclusion maker is a perfect solution for you. Other services will claim to be the best in the business, we are here to prove our abilities with our actions. While out article summarizer delivers the results instantly, it is still only a tool. A professional summary writer, on the other hand, conducts all of our summarizing on an individual basis and with great attention to details!article summarizer online

What Types of Summaries Can Our Summary Converter Provide?

The following are some of the different forms of summaries that you may need to write for your papers:


Our abstract maker can help you to create this required section for your paper or as a standalone piece. An abstract is a summary of a scientific paper. For a larger paper, such as your thesis or dissertation, it will be a section that provides you with a short description of what the whole paper is about in just 150 to 250 words in most cases. It should cover each and every question of the paper highlighting the main points.


The conclusion to any large paper will usually summarize the points that you have raised within the main body of your paper and then relate everything back to the aims of the paper. Our conclusion maker online provides you with a very quick and effective way of generating that summary for your paper.


A synopsis is usually a summary of a literary work, although it can also be applied to a film, TV show, or play. It will deal with the main theme or plot as well as the characters within the works. Our online synopsis maker offers you the opportunity to create your summary quickly in the way that you require for your paper.

How Can a  Generator Produce a Summary?

If you use a summary generator you should know how it works before you start. The following are the methods that an automatic conclusion writer may use to create your summary:

  • Extraction: the tool will go through the source text and take out the key phrases as they are written. It then creates the summary using those key phrases without changing the wording in any way. This is the most common type of automatic summarizing and the easiest one to create.
  • Abstraction: article review generator works in a similar way to the extraction, except that it will then paraphrase the key points that it has selected from the text. Therefore, this provides you with a more acceptable form of summary as the wording will be unique compared to the original summary.
  • Aided summation: summarizing tool requires the input of either a human hand or some form of computer-based learning. This is used to highlight the main points within the text to ensure that the summary produced is of better quality than that produced by simpler tools that will struggle to fully understand the meaning of the text.
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Techniques for Creating a Summary

The following are some techniques that can be applied to creating your summary:

  • Selection: this is the process of working through the original text to identify the key points that are raised within it. This is often going to generate the main part of your summary as you will be drawing out the most important keywords, terms, and specific phrases within the text that you will summarize.
  • Rejection: this is the process of removing all of the information that is not required for the summary that you will write. Typically you will be looking to remove anecdotes, examples, repetition, illustrations, data, and anything else that is simply not a key point.
  • Substitution: this is the process of taking several sentences and combining them into one single idea through the synthesis of the information. It can also involve a form of paraphrasing in a way that you reduce lengthy sentences into just a few words.

How Long Will Your Summary Be through the Abstract Maker?

The tool can help you with the text of any length and will condense the original text to the size you need. Sometimes you will be told to reduce the text to a number of pages rather than a set number of words. The following table will help you to relate the number of words to pages:

500 words 1 page single-spaced 2 pages double-spaced
1,000 words 2 pages single-spaced 4 pages double-spaced
1,500 words 3 pages single-spaced 6 pages double-spaced
2,000 words 4 pages single-spaced 8 pages double-spaced
2,500 words 5 pages single-spaced 10 pages double-spaced
3,000 words 6 pages single-spaced 12 pages double-spaced
4,000 words 8 pages single-spaced 16 pages double-spaced
5,000 words 10 pages single-spaced 20 pages double-spaced
7,500 words 15 pages single-spaced 30 pages double-spaced
10,000 words 20 pages single-spaced 40 pages double-spaced
20,000 words 40 pages single-spaced 80 pages double-spaced
25,000 words 50 pages single-spaced 100 pages double-spaced
30,000 words 60 pages single-spaced 120 pages double-spaced
40,000 words 80 pages single-spaced 160 pages double-spaced
50,000 words 100 pages single-spaced 200 pages double-spaced
60,000 words 120 pages single-spaced 240 pages double-spaced
70,000 words 140 pages single-spaced 280 pages double-spaced
75,000 words 150 pages single-spaced 300 pages double-spaced
80,000 words 160 pages single-spaced 320 pages double-spaced
90,000 words 180 pages single-spaced 360 pages double-spaced
100,000 words 200 pages single-spaced 400 pages double-spaced

What Makes a Great Summary?

An article shortener needs to be capable of crafting a summary that requires minimum editing afterward. This means fully understanding the requirements for a summary before using the main idea generator. The following details out what is going to be expected from a good summary:

  • It must clearly show the main topic area and the author’s position on that topic. This should be presented as a single line thesis statement and should come at the start of the summary.
  • It must cover all of the major ideas that the author has used to support this main thesis.
  • It must show any relevant relationships between these ideas.
  • It should show the purpose of the writer: are they trying to persuade you, inform you, or simply to entertain you?

You must also consider what it should not do:

  • It should not contain very detailed information such as explanations of the facts or examples.
  • It should not contain your own personal opinions or observations regarding the text you are summarizing.

Our online article summarizer is the best option for summary writing.
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