Help with Summarizing Activities

summarizing activitiesSometimes you just want to make sure that you’re performing a task accurately but it can be hard when you don’t have anyone to ask. Maybe your friends are all busy and your project is due tomorrow. What are you going to do to make sure that you have the right summary style? Just visit our website! We have many different summarizing activities that will help you learn how to properly structure a summary and what to do after you’ve gotten it started.

Engage in an Active Summarizing Activity

The activities for summarizing that you’ll find on our website are tested and approved by some of the brightest minds in education We offer a summarizing quiz that will test your knowledge on the main tenants of summarizing and help you figure out what kind of important points you need to focus on when examining not only the original text but also any supporting material as well.

Tips for Summarizing

We go into deep detail on our website on just exactly what kinds of tips are useful for summarizing and we separate the fact from the fiction. You’ll see a lot of websites out there touting all kinds of tips and tricks but when you work with us, you can be guaranteed that you’re getting nothing but the truth. You want to know our top tip for summarizing: You don’t’ have to do it by yourself! There are many reasons that you may need help with your summary and reasons don’t matter to us. It’s helping you that we enjoy!

Complete  a Summarizing Exercise

We firmly believe that once you read our summarizing tips and do a few activities, you’ll be fully ready to complete a summarizing exercise. We’ll ask you to read some original material and then we’ll ask you to summarize. Don’t be nervous, this isn’t a contest. This is a tool to help get ready for when you’re assigned a real life summary exercise.

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