Funny Summarizing Jokes

funny summarizing jokes exampleWhat Is Summarizing and Why Do We Use It?

We are often taught summarizing within school to initially show that we have understood what we have read. We will be expected to repeat the main most important parts of what we have read in our own words to show that we have the correct idea of the text. Later on we may be asked to create a summary of research paper sources for our writing and much more. Summarizing online and paraphrasing are very important tools for academic writing but are far harder to master than most expect which can lead to some very funny summarizing jokes.

Summarizing will seek to highlight the most important points within a piece of writing and then repeat them in your own words. Often you will reduce a whole book or chapter into just a couple of pages or less. Paraphrasing is similar but you seek to repeat all of the points raised, often this will result in a piece of unique writing that will be a similar length to the original source.

However, creating a summary is not a skill that comes naturally to many people. People struggle with identifying what they should be including within the summary and what they should leave out. They also have problems with ensuring that they manage to put their summary into their own totally unique words.

How Can You End up with Funny Summarizing Paraphrasing?

There are many areas in which people have been known to use the funniest summarizing puns. Through summarizing and being very selective with what you take from the source you can often create a summary writing joke. Some of the funniest that have been shared recently have been regarding summarizing films and books into a single line to create a summarizing funny. The following are some of the funny summarizing jokes that people have come up with regarding this area:

  • John Atkinson: Moby Dick – Man vs. Whale. Whale wins.
  • Jan Mieszkowski: The Shining – A family’s first Airbnb experience goes very wrong.
  • Caleb Williams: Forest Gump – Drug addicted girl takes advantage of mentally challenged boy for 3 decades.
  • Eser Unsalan: Lord of the Rings – Group spends 9 hours returning jewellery.
  • Ma. Gabriela Chacin: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – A guy that’s alone in the forest kisses a dead body while seven other guys watch.

Of course you can also take a look at our humorous summarizing pics to get a better idea of how you can create jokes through summarizing.

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How to Sum up Text Effectively

Creating an effective summary in your own words is not a simple thing to do if you want to get it right. This is why you will often be required to practice it many times over at school. Follow these simple tips:

  • Read the source information until you are sure that you fully understand what is being said. Without understanding it will be impossible to be able to put what you identify as the main points into your own words.
  • Make notes of the main points within the source: This can be separate notes in your own words or you can underline or highlight the most important parts within the actual text so that you know where those lines are.
  • Understand the purpose of your summary and who the audience is: Are you just writing to give an understanding of the source or are you going to use your summary to support your argument in a larger paper? Ensure that you also understand how big your summary should be.
  • Write your summary using the notes that you have highlighted. Ensure that you paraphrase the information into your own unique words.
  • Review your summary: Does it cover the most important or relevant parts of the source and have you done so completely in your own words. If you have repeated anything then you should rewrite into your own words or enclose within inverted commas if it is important to keep the original wording.

These simple tips will help you to ensure that you produce your summary effectively.

Most Common Summarizing Mistakes

If you are going to create a good summary then it will help to understand the common summarizing mistakes that people make.  This will help you to be able to create a good summary by avoiding these issues:

  • Failing to meet the requirements for your summary: you will often be given strict guidelines for your summary such as being within 150 to 250 words for your paper’s summary or abstract. Exceeding the length or failing to meet the purpose of the summary is one of the most common mistakes.
  • Failing to include the main points: it can be hard for some to decide which the most important parts of the source writing are. Failing to identify those points can diminish the value of your summary to the reader.
  • Trying to include all of the points: some will over compensate for not being able to identify the main points by trying to include all of the points within the source.
  • Failing to put the points into your own words: your summary should be only in your own words and not simply repeat the source word for word.
  • Failing to proofread your writing: your summary should read as well as anything else you write and must be carefully proofread to eliminate any mistakes that may have crept into your writing.

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