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Dissecting Data in a Critical Book Summary

critical book summary writing helpThe Online world is the widest and the most appropriate place for you to go to when you need to summarize books. Critical book summary is a task that asks a student to write a review usually and objective presentation of a book or a chapter of that book. This task is just as challenging as the other forms of academic writing, not so complex as others claim. Critical Book Summary may still require a good presentation skill and a focused mind to be able to identify which data are relevant and which data are not. The dissection of these two kinds of data in a book is critical; one omission may lead to misrepresentation. The instances of misleading the readers would be the most critical part of writing this summary.

Here is how to dissect data in doing critical book summary:

  • Read and while you are reading, underline the most relevant words and phrases. At about the same time, write them in a piece of paper divided by a line. Put the relevant ones at the right side and leave the irrelevant ones at the left side.
  • Focus on getting the gist of the source. The gist must include the whole thought of the book or the chapter of the book that you are working on.
  • Review the summary a couple of times to ensure no omission of key points.

Attributes of a Good Critical Book Summary

  • It should be clear and concise.
  • It provides objective information about the book, and a non-opinionated assessment of what are the helpful points in the book.
  • It must show what the readers can expect from the book without criticizing it and without stating the facts subjectively.
  • It must also contain the importance of the book to some other fields and the obvious intention of the author in coming up with the book. After all, this is the true nature of a critical book summary.

It must follow specific formatting rules as well as the citation requirement set by the professor.

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