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medical record summary serviceWho Needs a Medical Record Summary Service?

A medical record summary, as the name suggests, is a summary of a set of medical records. Medical record summaries provide benefits to a number of different users. Some of those using a medical record summary service include:

  • Insurance companies – Some insurance companies process many medically related claims. Having concise medical record summaries for those with claims to process makes the procedure much faster with the relevant information easily accessed in the summary. Information in medical record summaries is also useful as a guide to claim settlement.
  • Attorneys – Many attorneys handle law suits that require knowing one of the parties involved medical history. A medical history summary provides a concise description of the relevant medical information they need.
  • Physicians – Many physicians will make use of a medical record summary service. Medical summaries can save them a tremendous amount of time when sorting and organizing records for review.

The medical records of just one patient can often contain hundreds of pages of information, and a summary of just the necessary and relevant information can be extremely helpful.

Information Contained in a Medical Record Summary

The information that a medical record summary contains is determined by the requirements of the one requesting the summary. A medical record summary service will include details and content in the medical summary as dictated by their client. Some of the information the summary might contain includes the following:
  • Hospital admissions and discharges
  • Histories and the findings of medical examinations
  • Results of different diagnostic testing that may have been conducted
  • Deposition testimony of the patient and any medical experts
  • Professional opinions of medical experts related to cause of a medical disability, the extent of a disability, and what will be required to treat a particular medical problem

The format of the medical summary will depend on the purpose the summary is being used for. A medical record summary service like we provide is customized to the clients specific needs. But we can help you to get any other document summary service.

We Provide Medical Record Summaries

Our company provides medical record summaries for any purpose, customized to meet your requirements. The professional writers we use have the necessary training, skills and experience to provide the precise medical record summary you need, when you need it. Every medical summary is professionally edited to ensure you receive an error free medical summary delivered on time. When you make use of our medical record summary service you also get:

  • Guarantee of complete satisfaction on every medical report summary we provide.
  • Very affordable rates that will fit your budget
  • Easy online order and payment process
  • Courteous and helpful customer support available to address questions and concerns 24/7
  • Complete customer confidentiality

When you need a medical record summary  for any reason, contact us for medical summaries customized to meet your specific requirements!

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