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Know the proper structure and format of writing a summary, no matter the subject. When writing a history book summary, see to it that you’re conveying all the important ideas and information from the source. To learn more and write it correctly, check out this guide to summarize book below.

History books help us trace our past, particular cultures, a way of life, significant dates, figures and events that happened many years back. With history books, people learn about their past and perhaps their future. That’s why learning how to write a summary on this subject is important. It can make a development and change of your thinking, comprehension and writing skills.

Writing a History Book Summary

A history book summary is about analyzing the text through discussing the weaknesses and strengths of the book. When creating a summary, you need to aim for balance all the time. You must also write in an objective manner because this is a summary, not a review.

Writing the history book summary will help readers to understand what the whole book is all about, and it is their guide whether they will continue to read it. Thus, you must do a great job in writing the summary.

How to Make Long Story Short

A history book is a long source of information. You don’t need to include all the topics included there. What you need is to write about the significance of the book by means of describing the most important highlights from the source. It is not also about writing many pages of the report, but also a description of what the reader can expect in reading that source.

Do not be afraid in shortening the details to cut the long story short. You don’t need many words, but succinct carefully selected ones to write an accurate summary. You need to gain a full understanding of the book so that you can write it with justice. Thus, you must be able to summarize in your own words without losing the meaning of the message intended. You can also explore on certain interesting angles discussed in the book.

writing a history book summary

Defining an Essential Points in a Story or Event

In defining essential points in a story or event, you can check the first plot’s point. Usually, the main point of the story or event presented in the book is in the introduction section. It contains the gist of the entire book, so you must be able to spot what those main points are upon reading the opening or introduction.

World History Summary and American History Summary Features

The features of th summary of world history in brief and American history summary are the same. They have the same characteristics, wherein the only difference is the information to be written. The summary also has the same parts; thus, no matter the genre you’re writing about, you are basically dealing with the same sections.

The short summary of American history has two goals – to inform readers about the book content and highlight the most important information that they can learn from it. The introduction should have an overview of the book incorporating an encapsulated summary. Your short summary of American history should have discussion and highlights of major features, arguments, concepts, trends, ideas, characteristics and themes of the book, but never write your personal opinion.

Tips for Writing History Book Summary

  • If you need to make a summary of written documents, you need to divide the sections of the book. You need to focus on the headings and subheadings to make sure that you completely understand what you are reading.
  • Read the book and be sure to get the feel for author’s style, main idea, and tone.
  • If needed, you have to do a couple of readings. Be sure to underline key facts and topic sentences. Labeling areas that you want to summarize are important. If there are points that you do not understand, read again.
  • One sentence at a time: On this stage, you should already have a firm grasp of what you will summarize. In the first three steps, you will divide the piece into sections as well as to locate the main points and ideas of the author. After that, you need to write the main idea of every section using a well-developed sentence.
  • Write the thesis statement: The key to writing a well-written summary of the article related to information technology or history book is to review all sentences written in the first four steps. From it, you can make a thesis statement that communicates what the whole text wants to convey. If you find this step difficult, then you need to go back to see that your sentences address the main points.
  • Write. At this stage, your first draft must have been done. You can use your thesis statement as your introductory sentence and other sentences can be written in the body. Be sure that the information presented is logical. To have a good structure and flow, you can use transition words such as “also”, “moreover”, “however” and “then”. Aside from these, there are things to remember in writing and that is to:
  • Write in the present tense.
  • Be sure to include the title of the work and the name of the author.
  • Be concise. Your summary should not have the same length as the original text.
  • If you use some words of the author, cite them.
  • Do not include your ideas, interpretations or opinions in the summary. The purpose is to represent what the author conveyed – it is not about your ideas.

There you have the ideas and tips you need to consider in summarizing. Be sure that you structure your book summary for a good flow. Don’t delay but start with the task now to avoid cramming and rushing later. And don’t forget you can always ask for affordable help summarizing service.

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