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How to Write a Summary – Importance of Knowing How to Summarize

how to write a summary without plagiarism and fastCollege life will never be complete without writing essays and other academic papers. In each of this paper works comes a summary. College and university professors would not last a semester without reiterating a couple of times the importance of knowing how to write a summary, not just because it is inevitable, but because it is the most important part of the paper. A reader will have an idea how the paper goes through its summary. Therefore, a poor paper summary can either break it or make it.

Imagine a book summary that does not summarize the real content of the book. Through reading the summary, a reader can decide whether to read the book or not. There should be no misleading involved in this task; if not, the readers will be end up with great disappointment. A student does not want to disappoint any of his professors nor his readers by writing summary that does not convey the right content. Readers need to get a little yet concise idea of what the writer is driving at, and they can become more excited or bored right after reading the summary. Knowing how to write a summary is the same as knowing how to write the paper itself.

How to Write a Summary – Step by Step Process

There are two key points on how to write a summary. First, it is always shorter than the original. Second, it repeats the core idea using different words and word phrases without describing everything. It is under this premise that the following step by step process was developed.

  • Come up with a key sentence. This key sentence is not your own opinion about the source, but the main point of your source.
  • Separate the relevant points of your source from the irrelevant words or word phrases. If the phrases did not mean anything, those are not worth mentioning.
  • Simply repeat the important points but use your own words for it. Make sure not to integrate your own interpretation of the book. Write the main point as it is, but in an entirely new form.

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