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Quick Tips on How to Write a Newspaper Summary

Summarizing a newspaper article can be tough especially that you have to make sure that you are able to include all the main ideas. Prior to writing your summary, read thoroughly the content and understand what the article would like to convey to its readers. Your newspaper summary should be able to communicate the same ideas to the audience but with completely different words and approach. A newspaper summary structure basically allows you to choose only the most crucial aspect of the content and give you the chance to remove anything unnecessary to the content.

Writing the Perfect Newspaper Summary

Our professional writers have put together a short list with advice on how to write a perfect newspaper summary:

  • Understand the essence of the text. If you read the text several times, you should be able to identify the theme of the paper. You can start your summary by explaining it.
  • Locate the main ideas and arguments. While you go through the text, remember to highlight the relevant events.
  • Explain each argument using a few words. Once you’ve located the important arguments, explain them in short sentences. Link each sentence coherently, and your summary will go on the right path.
  • Match the tone of voice. This is vital to ensure your summary captures the essence of the text.

Follow their tips to ensure your summary includes the main points.

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