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Custom summaryPreparing to Write a Custom Summary

A custom summary of an article, story or some other piece of writing is a succinct explanation of the particular text being summarized that is originally written. Before you write the summary, there are steps you will have to take in preparation:

  • Initial reading – Read through the text as you would any article. Just get an overall idea of what the text is about and pay attention to the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the piece.
  • Perform a second more thorough reading – On the second pass notes should be taken. Identify the thesis and purpose of the document. Take notes on main ideas. Mentally divide the text into sections and takes notes on the main ideas contained in each section. All notes should be in your own words unless copying a phrase or sentence is essential. Use quotation marks around copied phrases.
  • Write a basic outline – The outline should also be in your own words.

Writing the Custom Summary

After preparing the basic outline, it’s time to write the summary. The summary should be written using only your notes and outline. Write the summary by following the steps listed:

  • Clearly identify the text being summarized. The type of work, title and main point of the original author should be included.
  • Summarize the overall text, including all important points. Use summarizing transition words such as “after all” and “in conclusion” to help provide logical organization and structure. Phrases such as “the author states” can be used to remind readers that its not your work.
  • Present material without including any opinions, ideas or interpretations of your own. Summaries should be around 1/4th of the original document text length.
  • Write a concluding statement without inserting any opinion of your own.
  • Revise your summary for accuracy. Make sure you have maintained a voice current with the authors, that all main ideas were included, and that no new information was introduced, and quotes were properly cited.
  • Proofread and edit for mechanical errors.

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