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Steps a Document Summary Service Will Go through to Summarize Documents

The document summary sometimes referred to as the executive summary, is a brief review of the whole document, enabling readers to quickly determine what the document is about. It is generally the first part of the document that is read, while it is usually the last part to be written. Document summaries will be between 5 and 10 percent of the original document length. The steps for writing a document summary include:

  • Read the original document and make sure it is completely understood
  • Provide a brief review of the document purpose and its scope
  • Get the attention of the reader and make them want to read further, with two or three sentences that show what is special about your business and why it deserves their attention.
  • Define the problem your product or service addresses
  • Present your solution that solves the problem
  • Additional details on market potential and why your solution is the best. If necessary cover the business model and management team.
  • Provide financial projections
  • Restate your business strengths and the problem addressed and present your request.

The information provided in the document summary should be just enough for the reader to determine if they want more details. The details are contained in the complete document that the summary covers.

Simple Guidelines for Document Summaries

Some basic guidelines to follow when you summarize a document include:
  • A reader should be able to understand what the document is about just from reading the summary.
  • Paragraphs should be concise and written in language appropriate for the target audience.
  • Document summaries should clearly define a problem or issue
  • The solution to the problem should be in the summary
  • Make document summaries easy to skim by using bullet points, headings, and graphics
  • Write in language that is clear and avoid the use of jargon

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Our Document Summary Service

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