Popular Summarizing Strategies

Making a summary is easy when you have the skills and when you know what you are doing but it is difficult for students out there that don’t have any ideas on how they will get started. If you are asking a help on how to make a summary, here are summarizing techniques that helpful for you.

Great Summarization Strategies

  • Get rid of extraneous and redundant examples
  • Focus only on the main idea of the text
  • Check for phrases and key words that you think important in your summary
  • Write down about crucial details and main ideas that support you to summarize an article
  • Be sure you able to write down everything that is important. On the other hand, you only need important points and leave out details that are not necessary since it will only fill important spaces in your paper. Space and time is precious so only focus on what’s most important t.
  • Focus on the terms that are used. If there are hard terms or unfamiliar words, you do not know. Use dictionary so that you have a clear picture of what the text is all about. If you don’t understand the word and you continue reading, there is a big possibility that you will not fully understand the material.
  • Choose a topic sentence or better yet invent as long it supports the text. You must need to have a topic sentence since it will serve as the foundation of your summary. You will put it in the beginning of your paragraph.

Must Need to Do in Summarizing Strategy

summarizing strategies tipsOne of the important things you should not forget when you are making a summary is to get the main ideas as well as the supporting facts of the texts. It is necessary that you know about summarizing strategy or else you will never make a good summary about that document. Getting all the relevant ideas is what you need to do.

Before you submit your summary, editing and proofreading is required. Even though you have good summary but it is full errors, readers will not be impressed so make sure you proofread your summary to check for mistakes.

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