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Why Do You Need to Recap Article Text?

We sum up text to create a summary for many different reasons. Often it is done simply to show that we fully understand the original information. Other times we may be creating a book summary or an abstract for a wider paper, or even simply writing the conclusion of your work. But being able to reduce essay points down to just a fraction of the length of the original writing is often an impossible task if you don’t have the skills and experience required.

We have been offering help and advice to students all around the world for many years. Through us, you can access all of the information that you will need to ensure that your summary will be just the right length and accurately written.

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How to Effectively Sum up Text

If you wish to recap article points for your conclusion or for a promotional summary then you need to fully understand how to go about creating a summary that is going to be accurate. The following tips will offer you the help that you will need for trimming story information and article text down to create an effective summary of the length that you need:

  • Ensure that you fully understand the requirements for your summary: is it a 150 word abstract at the start of your paper, a single paragraph at the end of your essay or a page long book summary?
  • Know the purpose of your summary and who your intended audience is: writing a summary for the rear cover of a book for kids and an abstract for a thesis require a very different approach.
  • Understand the text: read and reread the original text until you are sure that you fully understand what it has to say. Without understanding, it is impossible to summarize the information effectively and accurately.
  • Read through and highlight the main idea raised in each section: You need to find all of the important facts that are relevant to the purpose of your summary.
  • Write those points in your own words so that you have a unique list of the points raised within the original text.
  • Work through those points and write your text to join them together and provide flow to your summary.
  • Do your final edit: review your summary to ensure that it is well written and targeted to your audience. Also, ensure that you have covered all of the points raised in the original.
  • Proofread: simple mistakes should be avoided as they can have a significant impact on both the credibility of your work and any grades that you may earn.

There are automatic tools that you can use to generate a summary. However, using a text simplifier is not always going to be effective as software has no understanding of the actual meaning of a piece of writing or economic article analysis. A good summary can only be generated manually by someone that understands the text in question.

Our Experts Can Summarize Your Text

Whether you need that final concluding paragraph or a full-blown summary of a piece of writing we can provide you with expert support. We provide our support with the help of specialists that are fully qualified in the subjects in which they are able to offer help. They will seek to get a full understanding of your specific needs and will help you to create a unique summary that will be accurate and totally free from any errors. All of our essay shortener help is delivered on time and comes with a plagiarism report and free proofreading.

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