What Summarizing Words We Use

summarizing wordsWhat Are Transitional Summarizing Words and When Should They Be Used?

Transition words and phrases help to establish logical connections between sentences, paragraphs and sections of a paper. They are words with that connect ideas and guide readers from one thought to the next. Transition words are often classified based on the type of relationship they convey. One relationship classification for transition words is summarizing. Summarizing words can be used in the following situations:

  • Convince readers that a position you have taken is correct
  • Challenge readers to think about a particular issue
  • Encourage readers to take action

Summarizing Words Also Provide These Additional Benefits

  • Avoid plagiarism by properly indicating summarized material relationships
  • Improve overall readability and flow of text
  • Improve text coherence

Examples of Summarizing Words

Without summarizing tool, reaching a conclusion in a paper would be much more difficult. Some transitional words lead readers forward, and the building of an idea or thought is implied. Others result in the reader comparing ideas or drawing conclusions from preceding thoughts. Summarizing words fall into the second category. They are often used to summarize information at the end of a paragraph and lead into following paragraphs. The following is a list of 10 transition phrases and transition words to summarize paragraphs:
  • All things considered
  • Briefly
  • By and large
  • In any event
  • In the final analysis
  • On the whole
  • In short
  • On balance
  • At the end of the day
  • Finally

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Summarizing Words

Summarizing words and other transitional words and phrases are intended to help improve writing, but they can be misused. Some mistakes to avoid when using transitional words include:

  • Make sure the relationship indicated by the transitional word actually exists and is clear before using the transition
  • Overuse of summarizing and other transitional words and phrases can make writing awkward and hard to read. It may also lead to confusion as to the exact meaning of a passage. Limit the use of transitional words.
  • Make sure that use of the transitional word doesn’t result in a sentence fragment or comma splice

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