Your Outline for Writing a 300 Words Summary

300 words summary helpProfessors often times require their students to write a 300 words summary, but most of them do not know what to do. If you’re in the same boat and looking for tips, you can check out the following to save your time and effort and avoid the guesswork. A summarize tool may also help, but for more practice, look into the following.

What Is Special in Writing a 300 Words Summary?

The 300 words summary is special because it is short yet very concise. That makes writing this more challenging. You have to fit in the most important ideas in a short summary and never leave one behind. That is why you have to present the author’s ideas in a concise and succinct manner. If you do, you will help people who do not have much time to read the whole article, essay or research because the summary will be their basis, whether to read that essay or not. You can use our main idea generator to create a concise and informative summary.

Popular Works to Summarize

Aside from writing a Pride and Prejudice summary in 300 words, you might also try the Don Quixote story in writing a short summary.

  • Pilgrim’s Progress story by John Bunyan is a great work that you can summarize as well. If you want something new, you can try it aside from writing a summary of Robinson Crusoe in 300 words.
  • Many people write Pride and Prejudice summary in 300 words, but if you want to be different, try summarizing Robinson Crusoe story by Daniel Defoe.
  • You can try Oliver Twist summary in 300 words in summarizing Gulliver’s Travels of Jonathan Swift as well.
  • Tom Jones story by Henry Fielding is also popular aside from writing a summary of the Robinson Crusoe in 300 words.

If you want more stories that you can choose to summarize, here are some of them as well:
  • Clarissa by Samuel Richardson
  • Tristam Chandy by Laurence Sterne
  • Liaisons by Pierre Choderlos De Laclos
  • Emma by Jane Austen
  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

The approach in writing the 500 words summary is somewhat the same in writing the 300 words summary. Remember the following tips in writing the very short summary.

Read the paper to make sure that you completely understand it. You can read it again if you think you’re confused in some sections or areas of it. Outline the paper and take note of major points. Write your first draft without taking a look at the source.

In writing a summary, make sure that you paraphrase or write the source’s text in your words without losing the main points or ideas offered by the author. If there is an instance that you need to copy a phrase from the original source, make sure that you enclose it inside quotation marks to avoid plagiarism.

Tips for Writing a 300 Words Summary

Whether you will write a novel or fiction literature tangled summary in 300 words, you need to know what to consider and do, especially if you do not have any ideas on how to get started. Here are things you need in summarizing.

  • Focus: It is easy to get information in reporting, but when it comes to the writing process, it is somewhat difficult, so you need to be a focus on what you should do. In narrowing your focus, there are basic questions you need to ask to yourself on the most important idea, the most interesting among them, the headline and things that you readers must know in general. You need to address these questions so that you can write specific and concrete details because you are only limited to 300 words summary.
  • Structure: In structuring a 300 words summary, you need to know about the different methods of writing, and those are telling a story and reporting. If you opt for reporting, you need to be straightforward in answering all why, where, when, how and what questions. On the other hand, in telling a story, you do not need to cover all the elements, especially if you need to write a 300 words summary. What you need to do is to mix exposition and narrative. You can start with an anecdote to be followed by middle expository section and a return of the narrative at the end.
  • Pair: In summarizing, you need to understand the paper to avoid minor repetition and redundancy. You can pair or combine sentences to connect and make them short. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that you’re using the active voice and avoiding the use of passive sentences to convey the ideas fast.
  • Perfect, Revise, Polish: The principle of contrasting and comparing is a great way in summarizing a work. In your summary, you need to read it again to make sure you cover all the essential points and if some details should be polished. If so, you must consider revising to make it perfect.

In summarizing, you have to follow a Chicago format, or APA, MLA, and so on. You should be clear on what to use to avoid any problems later. If you’re unsure which to use, don’t hesitate to ask your professor about it.

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Write the 300 words summary short but very sweet with an impressive one. Follow these tips today!