Economic Article Analysis and Summary – the Best Tips

economic article analysis helpWhat’s an economic article analysis? The critical analysis paper on economics is writing to make an argument about the topic. The main goals of it are identifying and explaining arguments used by the author. It also provides an argument about the arguments that the author used. The analysis is avoiding or minimizing a summary, but it is about evaluating the argument of the author. Now if you want to learn more about articles to summarize (sources) and ways to write a summary, check out the following. And feel free to get help from our summary service.

What Economic Article Analysis Includes?

The economic articles to summarize have the following parts. Many of them start with a work summary before going to the main arguments. It is a concise analysis, which is written in a straightforward manner. What helps writers of this analysis are creating and following an outline to keep the focus.

  • Introduction: work being analyzed, reviewed or criticized; present thesis; previews of the argument
  • Short summary: presents what research how to know about your argument
  • Argument: involves mini-thesis in proving the truth of your arguments; composes the bulk of the paper
  • Conclusion: ways how you’ve proven your arguments; significance of your argument; offers potential avenues for more research

Follow this economic article analysis structure if you’re writing your economic article analysis. Take note that you must still cite your sources of information through endnotes or footnotes or parenthetical citation even if you’re using one source. You should also double check your assignment to ensure you’re not leaving any significant points.

4 Most Popular Research and Science Online Magazines/Journals

  • PLOS: It is a nonprofit innovator and publisher of breakthrough science researchers and journals helping the whole world understand about the most important researchers that affect daily lives. They have more than 200K research articles published. They published researchers from scientists from more than 190 countries, and many of them are 61 laureates.
  • Science Direct: It is an online magazine where to find medical, technical and scientific researchers. The journal publication website has published journals and books that cover reference information, education and decision support, among others.
  • Nature Research: The website publishes high-impact medical and scientific information online and in print. They publish online databases, journals, and services in industries including chemicals, physical, life, clinical medicine, and applied science. You can look into this source if you need to write a summary of an economic article within the last month.
  • Frontiers: It is an open access and online conclusion generator that has published many research studies to audiences. It offers journals reviewed by young people and they connect the best scientists to their audience. The website is proud to bring innovative studies and research to the next generation.
  • SAGE: The organization is the 5th largest among journals publishers, and it has more than 1000 journals in social science, technology, and humanities, among others. They have also over 400 published on behalf of institutions and societies.

Tips for Writing Economic Article Summary

Knowing about those journals online, you will be able to look for a source for your research papers. You can also use them when finding research papers to write a summary and submit your assignment.

Now if you want to write a summary of current economic conditions analysis paper, you can check out the following tips in writing. Aside from knowing how to write an economics article review, see the following for writing a summary.

  • Just like writing the financial field paper summary, know the structure of your paper. It must be in paragraph form. It must not also include sub headings.
  • Write the introduction to identify the topic, the article, and the question. You must identify the findings and thesis of the article you would write the summary for.
  • Write the body of the summary. This part should be able to explain how the evidence and arguments are supporting the thesis. If this is an empirical economic research summary, you can also explain the findings and methods, which are making predictions and connections.
  • Write the conclusion. You must be able to explain the importance of the implications of the findings or argument.

professional economic article summary exampleUsing these tips in writing the summary, you can make it clear and focus. But while you’re using only one source, you must not still forget to cite your source. Ask your professor about the citation style to use and be clear about it before writing the summary to avoid any mistakes later. You may also check out a good economic article summary example that will provide further ideas on how to write and what to include in the summary.

There you have what to know about a research article summary and how to write it easily. Again, you must identify the problems, questions or thesis and the supporting ideas, use only relevant information and example from the source, write concisely and edit your economic article summary.

Write an amazing economics research summary. Follow our simple tips in writing the economic article analysis today!