The Unique Way of Chemistry Article Summary Writing and Editing

chemistry article summary helpA summarized article is a condensed but concise version of an original paper. It contains the relevant ideas and information presented by the author. Students use these sources for their homework or including in their reports and research papers. However, writing the chemistry article summary is not as easy as it might sound. There are content tips and formatting guidelines to keep you on the right track. Begin here.

Chemistry Article Types

  • Review: This type is a balanced and authoritative survey of developments in the research field. This chemistry article type should include over eight display items such as boxes, tables or figures.
  • Perspective: This type is shorter than reviews, and it includes accepted and received dates. It should ensure of appropriate citations, scholarly balance, and factual accuracy.
  • News and views: This type informs readers about the advances in chemistry. This article type is not peer-reviewed because it undergoes editing. It should give financial interest statements as well.

Structure of the Chemistry Article

It is essential to know about the structure of the chemistry article aside from the rules in writing the research summary chemistry. See the following for help paraphrasing and summarizing on what to know about the parts of a chemistry related article.

  • Title: Whether you will write a research summary chemistry or a complete chemistry article, you need to have a title. Your title should be straightforward and short. It should also be detailed to reflect the contents of your article. You need to avoid using symbols and abbreviations.
  • Authorship: Full affiliations and names of all authors should be included. All the people who contributed to the design, implementation or conception of the paper should be listed as well. It is also important to include corresponding authors as well as co-authors. Regarding chemistry article summary, you also need to write the authors’ names and co-authors.
  • Abstract: Whether you will write food chemistry article or any other chemistry article, you need to have an abstract. It should be around 50 to 250 words summarizing the article content. It helps the readers determine if they should continue reading the article or not. In the food chemistry article, it should set out the main objectives clearly and briefly as well.
  • Introduction: If you need to write a science chemistry article, be sure to set the scene of your work. You need to explain the nature of the problem as well as its background. You can start in general, and then focus on a specific research question that you’re investigating. Do not forget that you need to include important references in writing your science chemistry article.
  • Experimental: In all chemistry articles like environmental science chemistry, you need to provide a description of your experiments with enough details. Authors are required to use the electronic supplementary information in the environmental chemistry article for long synthetic sections.
  • Results and discussion: This is an essential section of your article because it is where you present results. Results should be organized in a logical and orderly sequence. Keep in mind that you should only include relevant results and highlight essential points. Tables, equations, and figures should be included for brevity and clarity purposes as well. The discussion’s purpose is to give an explanation on the significance of the results. Be sure that all the claims are backed up by evidence.
  • Conclusions: It is where you will write the interpretation of the key results and highlighting of the significance and novelty of your work. It is not about the summary of information written in the abstract or article.
  • Acknowledgments: All contributors should be acknowledged.
  • Footnotes related to authors or title, which includes affiliations, should appear at the bottom of the 1st page of your article.
  • Bibliographic references: Notes related to main text should appear at the end of the article.

research summary chemistry helpSteps for Writing Chemistry Article Summary

  • Divide: Whether you will write a physical science article summary, you need to divide the text to summarize. Check the headings and the subheadings to get the main points of the article.
  • Read: If you are ready to make a summary, be sure you completely understand the article. If you do not get the main ideas, it is better to read it again until you are sure that you understand it completely.
  • Outline: After you read the article, be sure to make an outline because it will be your basis in writing your draft.
  • Draft: In your first draft, make sure that all the materials and notes needed are prepared. It will be your guide to finalize your final summary output.

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