Common Summarizing Techniques

Knowing difference between summarizing and paraphrasing techniques will give you easier task. If you are struggling in writing a summary, you need to put your best so that you can able to summarize article in extraordinary way.

Summarization Techniques

  • 3-2-1: Some students are writing numerals 3, 2, 1 down at the left side of their paper. In each numeral, they will write something that is specific to learning so that they will not have a hard time in understanding the material.
  • Acronyms: You can use acronyms in your outline. You can list the important attributes that you find helpful in the text. You can use a single term for you to remember what that attribute is all about.
  • Advance organizers: In advance, you can summarize the text you will present by reviewing and making a draft replacing phrases and key words with the use of blank lines.
  • Graphic Organizers: You can summarize powerpoint to present facts, skills and concepts in visual forms. You can make use of templates for outlines, flow charts, mind maps and others that you think helpful in making a summary. The fact is that using graphic organizers are adaptable
  • Building a model: Students can make three-dimensional drawings or construction in representing skills, facts or concepts.

summarizing techniques tricksYou can still learn many text summarization techniques. You can apply the techniques in summarizing passages but keep in mind that you should only use it on your outline as your guide or basis. In your outline, you can make use of words in order to remember what that word is all about. With it, you will not lose and you know what you are doing. It is nice to know that there are summary techniques that you know because you can apply it whenever you are summarizing your paper.

If you are not that good in writing a summary and summarizing informational text and you are struggling, you can rely with summary techniques because it makes your task easier. Just remember that it is only your guide to have a good flow of summary. When you know some techniques, you can start to write a summary of that text of yours. Be sure to apply the summary tips mentioned here.

Be sure to apply the summary tips mentioned here, use summarizing techniques properly with our help!