How to Shorten Essay but Not to Destroy It

Why Would You Need to Make Essay Smaller?

Often when you write an essay you will be expected to keep to a specific word count. While often this is a minimum to make sure that you cover the subject in sufficient depth you will also often have a maximum word limit that you should not exceed. This is especially true for things such as your college entrance essay. With a 500 word limit and so much to cover it is not surprising you will look to shorten essay length to meet their requirements. But being able to compress text sufficiently without losing the full meaning and impact of your essay can be a difficult task for many. Knowing how to write a perfect summary can help you to identify the main idea in your essay and what information can be removed or reduced to shorten your writing. But summarizing an essay is not all that you need to know if you are to cut down an essay to the right length prior to submitting it.

tips on how to shorten essay

How to Shorten Essay Quickly and Effectively

Essays that are too long often will simply not be read, after all the person reading has set aside a specific amount of time to review them and if yours is going to take more time then they may just skip it. It is always important to keep to any specified word count or limit, as well as know how to write a perfect summary. Often getting your word count down does not have to mean a complete rewrite of everything that you have written. The following are some easy to follow tips that will help you cut a lot of words from your writing without harming how it reads. In fact, many of the tips will actually improve your writing and impress the reader more:

  • Adverbs: review your writing and find all of the adverbs, these are words such as quickly, silently, really, and many others that will often end with “ly”. Now read each sentence without the adverb and you will often find that it can be simply omitted without any impact on your writing other than to shorten it.
  • Helping verbs: these verbs modify the main verb in a sentence and you can often reduce these phrase significantly. For example “am going to be learning” can be replaced simply with “will learn”.
  • Words and phrases followed by a comma: often you will use words such as however, to be frank, and many others that are then followed by a comma in your writing. Try reading each sentence without these words and you will often find that they can be removed without harming your sentence in any way.
  • Turn nouns into verbs: this is another way to quickly reduce your word count. Look for phrases such as “they quickly came to the conclusion” can be “they concluded”.
  • Remove “to be” verbs: phrase such as “I am an attentive listener” can be shortened to “I listen attentively”.

Other ways that you can use to shorten your text are to use an article compactor that will do much of the above automatically using software. However, these software packages will often make significant mistakes and careful editing is required to ensure that there will not be any issues with your writing. It is far better to review your writing manually.

We Can Help You to Cut Down an Essay Effectively

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