How to Write a Good Summary

how to write a good summary onlineMost people look for easier ways on how to summarize a short story or an article. Since elementary days and now, even at work, writing a good summary has always been a demand – requiring anyone to master the art of summarizing. If you are a professional looking for ways on how to write a good executive summary or a student who needs to submit an assignment on summarization, the following steps will surely help you.

1. Read and understand the text. Always remember that writing a good summary starts with understanding the text or article. Start by getting the gist of the material you need to summarize. Jot down the main points followed by the supporting points, ignoring the small details not needed in your summary. Reread the article, making sure that all the important information was noted.

2. Write your thesis statement. Thesis statement is the central theme of your summary. It will bind all the ideas you listed on the first step. You can choose to state it directly from the text like how most authors do it or you can rephrase and use your own words, as you deemed appropriate.

3. Write a draft. Start combining your thesis statement to the other salient points you listed. Do not forget to use the proper citation in writing your draft. Take note of the author, title, and publication date of the material you summarized. Reread your draft, check the grammar then remove the information you find redundant. Make sure that your work is free from any personal ideas. A good summary does not contain any personal inferences from the author. You end your draft by condensing all your points in one sentence, telling the readers what knowledge they can gain from the article.

4. Finalize Your Draft. After editing your first draft, take a final look of your work. Check your summary if the “WH” questions were answered. Check also the punctuations and spellings of the words. Ask someone to read your work and let them evaluate the cohesion of your ideas. After all of these were done, you can start writing your final draft.

Writing a Good Summary

If you understand the basic strategies in summarizing, learning how to write a good executive summary once you become a professional will no longer be a problem. Just remember that it takes patience to understand how to write a good summary fully.

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