What You Have to Know about News Article Summary

expert news article summaryNowadays, news article summary is becoming commonplace. Now if you need help to summarize newspaper articles, there are certain tips to get you started and complete the task in no time. Before learning of ways to do it, check out the types of newspaper articles here.

Types of Newspaper Articles

A writing task must be done with proper techniques. One must be able to understand the audience, style, purpose, and genre. Before a summary of news article or writing a complete newspaper article, you need to know about its different types.

  • News articles: These are found in front of the newspaper, and it informs the readers about things happening in the local area or world.
  • Feature articles: The purpose of it is not just to tell readers what happened, but to analyze or explore the reasons why.
  • Editorials, opinion and columns pieces: This is an information story written by personality writers. The articles are to inform or to entertain.

Checking the Certainty of the Newspaper Article Information

  • Consider the source: If you need to write a news article summary, you need to check its certainty first. You can do it by checking the site that published it. You need to check their mission, physical location, staff members, and others. In short, you must check for the reputation of the source. You must also be able to figure out their authority in the news sphere.
  • Read beyond the headline: If you need to write a summary of a news article, you need to make sure that the news is true. If the headline drew your attention, you need to read more before summarizing it. Even if the news stories are legitimate, the headline does not always tell the whole story, so you must also keep reading and checking to figure out if you’d summarize it.
  • Check the author: To make sure that the person who writes the news is authoritative, you need to check his complete information. For instance, the story is written by Johnny Smith. Who is he? Well, his page claims that he is a writer who won the Peabody awards. It is somewhat impressive, but if his bio does not display any proof that he has won the award, then maybe it is just a claim. In that case, he may not be a reliable news source. In short, you don’t just pick a news story, but you must check the source as well and verify his authority.
  • Check the date: If you are required to write a summary of a newspaper article, you need to check the complete information of the news article including the date. Remember that news must be timely. You must summarize an updated one to present relevant information if you’re including the story in your paper. You also can use a text simplifier for it!

Differences of Article Analysis from Article Summary

The purpose of writing the article analysis is to demonstrate what have you understood, what you read as well as demonstrating critical thinking abilities. It does three things: summarizing the main points of the article, analyzing the evidence in supporting the main points of the writer and taking care of all points.

On the other hand, newspaper article summary template gives readers with an overarching theme. It describes larger work like research, speech or an entire book. The summary should be shorter than the original source.

What Is a Newspaper Article Template?

The newspaper article template is the basis of the writer in writing. The template includes the guidelines on what sections to include and how to write each of them by using news templates, you can write with the correct format.

Steps in Writing a Summary of a Newspaper Article

Knowing how to write a summary of a newspaper article is important to ensure you’re including all the significant details in the newspaper article. To start, check out the following steps:

  • Inverted pyramid: In writing a summary newspaper article, you need to know the inverted pyramid. Most articles start with essential details first. Being in the inverted style, it means that the most important information is in the beginning parts.
  • Article’s leads: You need to determine the article’s lead, and then highlight it. This is usually the subheading under the headline, and it should be included in your summary to provide readers with an overview of what the summary is about for their understanding.
  • Read: Be it newspaper, journals, and magazines, social media or popular websites you need to read the newspaper article and highlight the important details. You need to bear in mind the inverted pyramid style as well.
  • Outline: Whether you will write Wikipedia article summary or newspaper article summary, you need to highlight the details included. You need at least 3 to 5 paragraphs depending on the length of the news article.
  • Write the summary: When you search popular websites about tips on how to write a summary of a newspaper article, the final step is about writing the article summary based on the outline. Be concise and clear so that readers will understand what you are conveying from the start.

Overall, summarizing a newspaper article can be easy if you follow the guidelines in writing. Make sure to get the most important details and write them first. Write in your own words and shorten your version.

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