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Generalizing any content could easily bring you challenges. To most, outlining may be difficult given that you have to understand its content in order to effectively select the right message to convey. One of the most effective ways for you to make sure your rundown is efficient is by utilizing some effective and useful examples. Examples give you an idea on which areas you should focus on in order to guarantee your brief version is relevant.

Common Mistakes People Make While a Summary of Newspaper Articles

You may have noticed the newspaper articles summary is somehow different. An example could guide you through the process.

newspaper article summary example newspaper article summary examples
However, there are a few mistakes people make while doing the generalizing process. Identifying them before you create an abstract, is key to ensure you are writing the perfect newspaper article summary. If you want to know which ones they are, take a look at our list:
  • Not understanding the text. To write a successful summary of newspaper articles, you need to be sure you’ve understood the text. There may be different events happening, so you need to make sure what the text is talking about.
  • Not identifying the main topic. Even if the paper mentions different situations, you need to be able to locate the global idea. Every event mentioned in the paper should be linked, one way or another, to the main topic.
  • Not identifying the important events. If you want to recognize them without any problem, make sure you read the text several times. As you go through the paper, highlight the most important events.
  • Writing a longer text than the original article. A summary newspaper article should be a concise explanation of the original article. Make sure the content contains fewer words than the original.

Learn the Techniques

If you want to write a great summary of newspaper article, ensure you follow these techniques. Our professional writers already do it. Read our examples to get a glimpse of their work. These are the two techniques experts think are vital for writing the perfect outline:

Identify the topic. First of all, you need to locate what the main theme is. Otherwise, you would not be able to explain the article in own words. Read the paper several times to ensure you’ve located it. You may highlight the keywords which you think describe the topic. Once you have it, you explain the main topic. But, bear in mind your explanation needs to be a few sentences long.
Identify important arguments. There should be arguments which explain the main topic. While you are going through the content, highlight the sentences which clarify the main idea. Once you have them, explain to them using own ideas. Link them to the explanation of the topic, and voilà! You’ve written a perfect brief version!

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