Tips on How to Wirte a Summary Essay

how to write a summary essay onlineIn order to write summary essays, you need to know first what it is. Summary essays have two unique features. First, this is shorter than the source. Second, summary essays keep the concepts found in the source, but they are presented in different sentences. Now that you are equip with the basic knowledge, let’s look at the tips on how to write a summary essay.

1. Do not start writing your summary essay unless you have really understood what you have read. This is the first step on how to start to summarize paragraphs of essay. As stated, keeping the ideas of the material read is one of the features of summary essays; thus, you might find it hard to relay these ideas if you do not understand them. For some, they see summary essays as a substitute to the source material. If this is the case, you have the transfer the idea as accurate as possible using your own words.

2. Avoid adding interpretations in your summary. Since your goal is to transfer accurate ideas, you may want to avoid interpretations in your work. It is natural for a reader to make his own interpretation of the material he is reading. That is why you have to guard your words. One wrong choice of word might lead to misrepresentation of the source. Adding your own examples can also alter the original idea.

3. Your introduction should contain a thesis statement. Write a one-sentence statement that will cover the main point of your material. It is advisable for you to rephrase the thesis statement rather than copying it from the source. Once you’re done with your thesis statement you can start introducing the text by citing its title and author.

4. Remove the minor details in the body of your summary essay. Like other summaries, omitting the minor details is one of the basics of how to write summarizing an essay. You are free to remove the little information that won’t add to the substance of your summary.

Summary Essays Challenge

If you are interested to know how to start a summary essay, it is worth noting that there is no conclusion that will end this type of summary. The summarized text in the body and introduction completes your summary for book.

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