Brilliant Wikipedia Article Summary Writing

wikipedia article summary helpWikipedia is an incredible source of information in the world. With just a click, you can be taken to what you’re looking for. No wonder that it is the 6th most popular site around the world. It is also free to use and available anytime. Summarizing Wikipedia article is one of the things that students do when given summary writing assignments. If you cannot do it yourself, there are also an article summarizer tools to use online. Nevertheless, check out the following for what to know about summarizing articles online.

Interesting Facts about Wikipedia

  • The official theme song of Wikipedia is Hotel Wikipedia.
  • Wikipedia has a birthday committee.
  • There are Wikipedians who list their birthdays on the talk page of the site. The homepage of the committee is offering banners that can be used in wishing a happy birthday to Wikipedians as well.
  • The alternative language of Wikipedia, which is least popular but still active is Cheyenne. French, German and English are the most popular.
  • The Wikipedia has a policy titled as “No Angry Mastodons.”
  • Wikipedia has over 1 billion edits to date.
  • Wikipedia has about 290 varied language versions.
  • Over 3.5 million articles are being written in the English language.
  • Wikipedia is the 7th most read site online in checking resources.
  • There are around 1,150,000 editors around the world in Wikipedia.
  • Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia.

Why Is Wikipedia Considered as Important Source of Information?

Unlike other sites, Wikipedia is transparent, wherein all users get to see all the activities. If you are a user of the site, you will see all edits that have been made. You can also check out debunked claims; In addition, Wiki is also about collaboration, meaning it is editable.

Millions of people are using Wikipedia because it is a great source of information. If you’re a student looking for resource materials, you can easily access and obtain information for your academic papers. Moreover, you can ensure that the information is updated and correct because there are many editors working on the website.

If you need Wikipedia article summary, then you must learn how to write a summary. It is a shorter version of the original content, but it still contains the main points needed in the paper.

Checking the Wikipedia Article References

When you need to write Wikipedia article summary, you need to add references, especially to phrases that cannot be rephrased or paraphrased. If you need to check the article references on Wiki, you need to check the time, date as well as version of the article. Additionally, if you want to check the references to find more information, then you need to check the permanent link of the article.

  • Articles with no references: In Wikipedia summary, you need to cite references. If you want to check the reference of Wiki that has no citations, you can find it in the articles lacking sources category.
  • Articles with a single resource: If the article has one external link or reference, you can check it on the articles lacking sources category. This is essential to check, especially when writing a Wikipedia summary or chemistry article summary.
  • Article with incomplete or partial references: In summarizing Wikipedia information, you always have to cite the source. Now if you need to check the references with partial or lacking information, check it on the articles lacking reliable references category.
  • Articles with questionable resources: You can check those references in the Wikipedia articles needing factual verification category.
  • Articles that lack references: You can check them in the articles with unsourced statements category.

wikipedia summary helpHow to Summarize a Wikipedia Article

Knowing how to summarize a Wikipedia article is essential to lessen the time and effort to spend in writing one. You need to distribute the ideas to serve readers who want varying amount of information. In summarizing, you also need to write a quick summary because there are readers who do not want to spend much of their time reading while others only require a moderate amount of info.

What you need to do is to think how long your summary should be. Your basis is the original length of the source. Experts suggest your summary should be ¼ the length of the original source. Do not make a long summary, or you will lose the essence of it. Remember that it’s a condensed version of the long text, so you should aim for a short version.

If you are asking, “How long is a summary,” it can be 500 or 300 words summary. Nevertheless, the length will depend on what your professor requires. One might need a long or a short summary. Thus, you must ask before writing to ensure you’re on the right track.

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